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What we stand for

You as owner of a food company or a as quality or food safety professional  are filled with PASSION and AMBITION for make your company a success. You want to deliver good quality and safe food products all the time and make a difference compared to others. At Food Safety Experts, we help you to maximise your impact and deliver exceptional results by sharing our knowledge and tools based on industry-wide best practices.

Our belief is that everybody should be able to enjoy safe food at all times. We believe that by sharing our knowledge and tools with QA and Food Safety professionals across the globe, together  we will make a difference towards improving food safety for everyone.

Our experience

We have long-standing track record in the international food industry and have worked for and with all the large players in the food industry. Next to this we have a wide experience in working with a vast amount of SME’s in all areas of the food industry. Our experience includes fruit & vegetables, nuts & spices, meat, fish, dairy, beverages, baking, bio-technology, infant nutrition, pharmaceuticals. All of this includes fresh, chilled, frozen, ambient stable and ready to eat foods. Togehter we have audited more than 400 plants globally, from this we have gained a lot of expierence and usefull tools and information, which we will share with you!

Our vision

At Food Safety Experts, our vision is a world where safe food is a given for everyone. Our mission is to enable QA and Food Safety professionals to make a difference towards improving food safety. We do this by actively sharing our knowledge and tools and by creating a global community.

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