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Below you will find the most freqently asked questions:


Do I need to complete the training in one go?

You can pause the training at each moment, and for the rest of your life come back to our online training centre to resume. Of course we recommend you to take action soon as possible – as the results will only come through implementation of the tools and tips!

How will I receive the training material?

The training material is shared with you via our on-line learning platform. You will have access to the first module for life. Only if you take a monthly subscription you will receive new material every month. This way you will become a recognized expert with a wide knowledge base.

What if I do not have sufficient bandwith for hi-res video’s?

We have both high resolution and low resolution video material available for all our training modules in our online training system.

What if my question is not in this list?

Please send us an email on expert@foodsafety-experts.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I take the training at any point in time?

You can take the training at any time you like a you have lifetime access to the training module. However, if you like to receive new modules every month you need to a monthly subscription.

What if my Microsoft Office version is very old?

This is no problem! We ship all our templates in the Microsoft Offce 2003 and 2016 formats, so everybody wil be able to work with our templates.

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