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  • You are in control of and up-to-date for all the task you and your team need to perform.
  • You know all the important tasks for quality and food safety are reliable and are executed on-time.
  • Quality and food safety are properly embedded in the entire organization.
  • When you go home in the evening you still feel energized and really proud of everything you have achieved

Join The Food Safety University Program

We know that the ideal world is not created overnight and also that it takes perseverance to and commitment to move your day to day business in the right direction. Recently, we held a survey where more than 500 quality managers participated from a wide range of countries. From this survey we learned a lot and one of the outcomes was that managing quality and food safety in the right way, companies are able to save on average $270.000 per year.

Based on the outcomes of the survey we have created The Food Safety University Program – a place where quality and food safety managers will be able to get all they need to become successful and  experience peace of mind every day.

Special offer

We are soon opening the doors on this brand new program and we have a very special offer for those who are the first to join. Click on the button below if you want to learn more on the Food Safety University Program.

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