Our Services

Food Safety Experts has a range of services for the food manufacturing industry, all aimed at facilitating and enhancing the work of quality and food safety professionals. Below, you will find a list of our services – including a brief description of each service.

For all our services, the starting point is for you and us to have a conversation. We place your success central in everything we do, hence we need to have a deep understanding of your needs before we can advise what might be the best direction for you and your company (even if that means we have to refer you elsewhere). We also offer bespoke solutions to specific issues for our clients, so please view the below list as starting point for our conversation.


Our workshops will help you to be successful as a quality and food safety professional.

The workshops contain live presentations about the WHAT, WHY and HOW, live explanations of the downloads, video lessons, practical templates, best practices and useful external sources and tools for you to download and use.

At the conclusion of each workshop, participants receive a certificate as proof of continuous learning and can also schedule up to three 30-minute one-on-one meetings with our coaches, during which all queries will be addressed.

Training Repository

Your Ultimate Knowledge Base

How do you maintain your food safety expertise? Are you equipped with all the knowledge essential for your role?

Our QFS Training Repository serves as your comprehensive resource for addressing quality and food safety concerns. It boasts over 20 courses, all instantly accessible for your convenience. Each training is on-demand, enabling you to revisit sessions as needed. Simply search for your desired topic and embark on your learning journey at your own pace. Typically, courses span between 45 to 60 minutes, and after completion, you can download your certificate as a testament to your learning.


Continuous Learning, Simplified

Beyond the existing 20 courses, we add a fresh training module every month. This ensures you’re always introduced to evolving topics and insights. Each module offers real-world food safety scenarios, broken down for easy understanding. These concise modules provide actionable insights, emphasizing Best Practices and highlighting common pitfalls. The lessons equip you with strategies you can implement immediately.

Membership in the QFS Training Repository guarantees uninterrupted access to all courses. Moreover, as a member, you’ll gain entry to the Food Safety Forum. Our expert coaches actively engage in this platform, ready to answer your queries. This forum fosters a community of knowledge exchange, learning from global experts, and sharing invaluable experiences. Together, we elevate the standards of food safety globally.

We also provide a curated list of online tools and websites, saving you the hassle of searching. A true time-saver!

For a deeper dive into the QFS Training Repository, click here

Mastery Program

A Comprehensive Guide

The QFS Mastery Program stands out, ensuring success for quality and food safety professionals.

You understand the WHAT and WHY of Food Safety. Now, dive into the HOW:

  • Engage employees in food safety on the production floor.
  • Secure management support for your initiatives.
  • Cultivate a food safety culture within your organization.
  • Adapt and refine your program to cater to your organization and clients’ needs.


Implementing Mastery in Your Organization

Efficiently implementing certification and legal requirements poses a challenge. Wondering how to integrate the QFS Mastery Modules? Our program enables you to embed each aspect within just a month. If you encounter obstacles, join our monthly Open Office Hours. Pose your questions to Food Safety Experts’ coaches. A senior coach will always be present during these online sessions.

Our strategy features 12 detailed modules, all honing in on the practical HOWs of Quality and Food Safety. They guide you in motivating shop floor workers to uphold safety standards and persuading management to prioritize it. The QFS Mastery Program equips you with foundational knowledge, a systematic approach, essential tools, and templates. Thus, you’re well-prepared to initiate immediate improvements.

Each module offers video lessons, actionable templates, best practices, and valuable external resources. Additionally, we assign “homework” directing you to address and rectify your organization’s pain points. Upon completing a module, you receive a certificate, validating your continuous learning journey.

For an in-depth understanding of the QFS Mastery Program, click here

Success Coaching

QFS Success Coaching is our flagship coaching program, which truly helps Quality and Food Safety Professionals at every level be successful in their job. The starting point of this program are your personal growth objectives, your annual (team) targets and the typical challenges you face. We break all of these down to quarterly focus items for you to work on and so improve your performance and enhance your career. Every quarter you will have a meeting with your coach.

Next to this has each participant in QFS Success Coaching access to an unlimited number of 15-minute coaching calls. Any issue we cannot address ourselves during the call, we will research for you. On top of that you will also get emergency access to your coach via Whatsapp in case you face a recall situation or another major event where you need immediate support.

To learn more on QFS Success Coaching, click here.



Sometimes, as a quality and food safety expert, you may have unique developmental needs. Perhaps you’re aiming for career advancement, or you’ve entered a new role that feels unfamiliar. In such instances, a mentor can be an invaluable asset.


Mentoring for Quality and Food Safety Professionals

Mentoring is intensive and fosters growth both personally and professionally. However, mentoring isn’t a universal solution. It necessitates a tailored approach, focusing on your specific development goals. Typically, our mentoring programs span a year. During this period, with the guidance of an experienced coach, you’ll undergo significant personal and professional transformation.

For further details on our mentoring services, click here.

Stress and Burnout Coaching

In the quality and food safety realm, overwhelming stress or potential burnout can often confront you. As you aim to elevate your role or face a challenging new position, you’ll find the guidance of a specialized stress and burnout coach invaluable.

A Tailored Path to Resilience

Transitioning through stress and burnout demands a journey that nurtures resilience and well-being. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work; we customize each coaching session to address your unique challenges. Our expert coaches guide you, ensuring you face challenges head-on and promote a balanced professional life.

For further insights into our stress and burnout coaching services, click here.

IFS Academy Training

Food Safety Experts offers IFS Academy approved training.

Implementing and to be in conformance to the IFS requirements can be a journey filled with challenges.

To learn more on the official IFS Academy trainings by Food Safety Experts, click here

Compliance Services

If you’re in the food and feed manufacturing sector in the Netherlands, consider our comprehensive food safety compliance service. We pinpoint the specific Dutch and European legal mandates for your business. Using the Pharius system, we ensure you stay informed about legislative changes. Additionally, we provide guidance on how to effectively adapt to these changes.


Dedicated Compliance Services for Food and Feed Manufacturers

The Pharius system also lets you record how you incorporate compliance within your company. Should you need it, we can extend the tool to cover Health, Safety, and Environment via our partners.

For more details about our compliance services (in Dutch), click here.

At Food Safety Experts, we also provide generic consulting services in the area of quality and food safety. We can also perform (ad hoc) audits for your organization. In order to see whether we can help you it is best to schedule a call with us. During the call we can discuss your needs in detail. If we are not able to provide the service you need ourselves, we will direct you to a provider who can.

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FSMA Support
Since the onset of the USA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), we have been following the developments of this elaborate piece of legislation in full detail. Based on our research, we have created an online course, the FSMA Masterclass and we also wrote a book on this topic: How To Be FSMA Compliant In One Week.

Next to the course and the book, we also provide FSMA consulting services, but we find that most of our clients are best served with our FSMA Masterclass, which contains all the tools and templates you need towards FSMA compliance.

To learn more about the FSMA Masterclass, click here.

Emergency Response
Next to Foods Safety Experts, which is part of the Food Strategy Institute, we also have a dedicated service in relation to recall management and recall prevention. This service is place under our FoodRecall.nl brand. We currently only offer this service in the Netherlands.

To learn more about our emergency response services for the food industry (in Dutch) click here