Ethylene Oxide, your questions answered.

At Food Safety Experts we have a service called QFS Success Coaching. Our participants can schedule unlimited coaching calls with their coach and discuss the topics they would like to bring at the table.

Many of our coaching calls of the last few months were around this topic Ethylene Oxide. Why did we have so many discussions? Well, because in the last few years many recalls took place on Ethylene Oxide. For instance, in Europe in 6 months time more then 1500 recalls took place on Ethylene Oxide! And many of our clients were very busy diving in this topic what they needed to do. Having a coach to reach out to was very helpful for them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our coach Kitty Appels created a video lesson on Ethylene Oxide where many of the questions are answered.

Would you like to learn more about Ethylene Oxide?
Do you have questions like:
– What are the typical products that can contain Ethylene Oxide?
– What can you do when you have Ethylene Oxide on your product?
– Are there legal requirements on Ethylene Oxide?

To help you further you can watch this video lesson for free

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