Did you know that Labelling is the single biggest root cause for product recalls in the food industry? Labelling mistakes are the single biggest reason for recalls in food products which are caused by companies themselves (50% of the issues is still originated externally and cause mainly by raw material suppliers). Do you struggle with content management of your product labels? Is it difficult to grasp all the regulatory and legal details your labels have to comply with? Are you sure your labels reflect your ingredients and nutritional information correctly? Managing the content of your labels manually is becoming more and more impossible! Quite often you might find yourself in a situation where the wrong label has been applied onto a product, or the label contains wrong information for allergens, weight, nutritional values or has errors in the ingredient declaration. The authorities required more and more information to be present on the labels, which gives rise to less and less combination of labels for multiple countries thus give you more labels to manage (and more room for mistakes).


Labelling mistakes very often do lead to product recalls, especially when allergens, weight / volume information and ingredient declaration are misrepresented. This might in term lead to claims of customers and supermarkets because of a loss of sale next to the product replacement costs (because quite often the product will go out of stock and it will take several weeks to fill the complete supply chain again). If you have specific health claims on your product label, you might need to be even more vigilant. In many countries (e.g. European Union) there is strict legislation on what type of health- and other benefits you can communicate on your label and very often you need to be able to have scientific substantiation and even pre-approval of the authorities. Again, this is very often a reason for a product recall, instigated by the authorities.

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