The Right QA-Person To Perform The Right Task

In the last couple of years many things have changed. A lot of companies had to pivot. We saw issues with not having enough staff to perform the job, ingredients that were not available, energy and transportation costs that went up, and many more challenges. How can you find the right QA-person to perform the right task?

Do you have the feeling that you could improve your business performance as a Quality Manager? Next to this, do you have a feeling you should be able to get more (financial) results from your business?

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Strategy For Finding The Right QA-Person

Many companies have a strategy to move forward for the upcoming years. However, the strategy for food safety is still often only driven by compliance reasons, just to have a certificate on the wall. What people fail to see is that impactful, strategic management has a strong and positive effect on the company and its financial results. It is important to move away from a reactive management approach and have a real impact on the (financial) business performance of your company. And yes, also a QA department has this power to change.

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Questions I Have For You

How do you make sure you find and keep the right person? That is to say, what can you do to make sure you have a great team?

  • Do you have a High Level Plan to achieve all of your activities?
  • Have you combined your High Level Plan with your targets and objectives?

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Goals To Achieve

To get your goals successfully achieved needs a plan. In short you can think about:

  • What activities and tasks do you need to perform this year?
  • What is the priority of every task and activity?
  • Do you have to perform all the tasks and activities yourself or should someone else do this?
  • Do you have to delegate tasks and activities?
  • Who needs to be informed about the tasks and activities?
  • Who are your stakeholders and how do you keep them on board?

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