Image of the Quality Department is … boring

I often hear people say that quality and food safety is boring, only costs money and everything has to be according to QA department’s wishes. Or even that the employees of the ‘Quality’ Department are boring or only busy with ‘You must do this’ and ‘You must do that’. Do you recognize this?


How do you change the image people have of a Quality Department?

Changing the image people have of a Quality Department and making sure that you and your team are successful doesn’t sound easy. One way of changing your image is by implementing improvements in your organization. Often many Quality Departments are only extinguishing fires and running from one meeting to the next. How do you get the management moving to implement the right improvements with regard to quality and food safety?

I know these are some of the questions that occupy the minds of many quality professionals. And just as with developing a quality system, everyone is reinventing the wheel with these questions. Doesn’t sound efficient, does it? So, how are you going to change the QA Departments image?

<p> <img src="Image Quality Department.jpg" alt="Image Quality Department"> Become successful, change your image and implement all your targets within a year... </p>

Know how to improve the Quality Departments’ image

Many companies performed a lot of cost savings. This is one of the results why you and your team got so many more tasks. And due to cost savings, you probably didn’t get the approval to implement new tools either. Next to this a lot of managers believe you need to learn on the job. Being a QA Manager is often very challenging.

Secondly, as a manager it is difficult to improve your image and to realize all the goals you have. It is difficult to maintain an overview of the state of affairs of all departmental employees and it takes a lot of time to explain what the task is for an employee so that the goal is achieved.

Thirdly, you can improve your image also through stakeholder management. For every task you have different stakeholders. Do you recognize all of your stakeholders? And do you also know how to involve your stakeholders?

Indeed, there are several more things you can do to improve your image. It is all depending on your situation and HOW you are going to do this. At Food Safety Experts, we have a lot of experience in improving your image and making no concession to food safety. Our program is called QFS Success Coaching. Are you curious how this works to change the image of your QA Department?

<p> <img src="Improof Image of the QA department.jpg" alt="Improof image Quality Department"> Become successful, change your image and implement all your targets within a year... </p>


QFS Success Coaching

QFS Success Coaching is our flagship coaching program, which truly helps Quality and Food Safety Professionals at every level be successful in their job. The starting point of this program are your personal growth objectives, your annual (team) targets and the typical challenges you face. We break all of these down to quarterly focus items for you to work on and so improve your performance and enhance your career.

Each participant in QFS Success Coaching has access to an unlimited number of 15-minute coaching calls. Any issue we cannot address ourselves during the call, we will research for you. On top of that you will also get emergency access to your coach via Whatsapp in case you face a recall situation or another major event where you need immediate support.

<p> <img src="Image of the QA department QFS Success Coaching.jpg" alt="Image Quality Department QFS Success Coaching"> How do you change the image people have of a Quality Department?... </p>



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