The life of a Quality Manual

In recent years, many topics have been added to existing Quality and Food Safety Management Systems (- I’ll mention QFSMS where I mean Quality and Food Safety Management Systems, to keep it a bit shorter?). While most of us didn’t create the blueprint of the Quality and Food Safety Management Systems we have to use in the organization we work for, we are responsible to keep the Quality and Food Safety System up to date. We also experience that these Quality and Food Safety Management Systems are not 100% in line with our work and that they contain a lot of aspects that are not necessary to include.

The Reasons WHY Quality and Food Safety Management System’s don’t work

There are so many different reasons why a QFSMS is not functioning as it should, or at least is not efficient. To give you some idea’s about the reasons… not in a chronical way:

  1. The QFSMS has too many documents
  2. The QFSMS has duplicated information
  3. Colleagues cant’ find the information
  4. The QFSMS is missing information
  5. There is no structure, the connection between various aspects is missing
  6. Colleagues don’t follow what is written in the QFSMS documents
  7. Colleagues don’t follow the structure which is defined in the QFSMS
  8. The structure of the QFSMS needs to be (re)explained to colleagues
  9. The QFSMS exists only for the QA-department
  10. Continuous improvements are not included
  11. Unnecessary information is included in the QFSMS
  12. Everything that can be documented is documented
  13. …and several other aspects appear as well


And in addition, there are all kinds of extra’s added to the original QFSMS, like new legislation requirements, certification requirements, customer requirements, you name it. It is quite common that every time a company receives a non-conformity, the ‘missing part’ is added to the QFSMS.


Questions You Might Have

This enormous, gigantic Manual for Quality and Food Safety Management System is often an eyesore. How do you find all the time to check and update all documents? Was it really necessary to include this amount of information in your QFSMS? How do you involve other departments? I know a lot of people believe the QFSMS is created only for the QA department.

Do you know why your QFSMS isn’t functioning as well as it could be? Have you found and solved the causes why your QFSMS grew to such enormous proportions? What are your challenges to change this?

The above issues can be tackled effectively, if only you know where to start and how to create a sound plan to address this.

<p> <img src="questions.jpg" alt="Questions"> Questions you have ... </p>

Typical Pain of a Quality Manual

One of the aspects to start is to address the typical pain of your QFSMS. I already gave you some ideas about the reasons. Check if these reasons are familiar for you and your organization. When needed add your reasons, because the list is not completed. Add your Causal factors to your overview. Now you have a good overview of your Typical Pains in your organization.

<p> <img src="QFS Mastery Program.jpg" alt="Overview QFS Mastery Program"> Trainings of QFS Mastery Program... </p>


Training on Designing and Upgrading Manual Quality and Food Safety Management System

All GFSI-guidelines acquire that people are trained. Therefor we all provide a lot of trainings on our CCP’s and OPRP’s. However, training on HOW to Design and HOW to Upgrade your Quality and Food Safety Management System is not common. Next to this, often after following a training you learned a lot about WHY it is so important that you take action. On the other hand, most of the courses don’t provide you the information of HOW to implement and improve your system. And that’s exactly the difference of all the courses of Food Safety Experts and all the other courses you can find. We, at Food Safety Experts, focus on the HOW. I know this will give you a lot of tools to implement and improve your situation.

In short, check out our training. You will have one year access to the online training. This will give you the time to implement what you have learned. You can watch the training as often as you would like to. Next to this, you will receive a certificate that you followed a training on Quality and Food Safety Management Systems. For more information: Quality and Food Safety Management System Building Blocks


Training Effectively Upgrade Your Quality and Food Safety Management System

It is common that Quality and Food Safety Management Systems grow enormously. Sometimes it is necessary to make your manual more lean. And how are you going to do this? Check out our Mastery training and see if this will be helpful for you:

QFS Mastery Program Basic

At Food Safety Experts we have our QFS Mastery Program Basic. This Program contains the first 12 modules of the QFS Mastery Program with different topics related to food safety. And Quality and Food Safety Management System is one of the modules. In this module you will receive ± 2.5 hours of video lessons on HOW to Effectively Upgrade Your Quality and Food Safety Management System and ± 10 downloads that you can implement in your organization.

In conclusion, this Program will give you a huge boost as a professional and for your company. For more information, please visit our website QFS Mastery Program.


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