How to get the right level of Gowning everywhere

Many people will understand that gowning is important for working in cleanrooms. But WHAT about gowning in a Medium Care zone or a Low Care zone or else in your facility? WHAT rules should you implement? HOW can you convince your colleagues that gowning is important? Are you happy with the gowning rules that are implemented? Are they working as they should?


The Importance of Personal Hygiene

Food safety has a big impact on the world. In this infographic from the World Health Organization we see that every year almost 1 in 10 people fall ill due to a food borne disease. In total this amounts to 33 million healthy life years being lost where people cannot work, go to school or truly enjoy their life.

Unfortunately also a lot of people die as a result of these food borne illnesses. That number is estimated at 420 thousand people per year. And even worse, one third of this so 140 thousand of them are children.

This shows the importance of food safety and it is up to us who work in the food industry to do everything we can to prevent food borne illnesses.


Gowning and the Importance of Personal Hygiene

There are various aspects which are important in gowning.

The first things you need to consider are:

  • What kind of CLOTHES do you need
  • What kind of SHOES are you introducing
  • Where will you introduce HAIR NETS / BEARD NETS
  • Where will you introduce FACE MASKS
  • Is it really necessary to use GLOVES
  • What are the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that you need to introduce

And how is this connected with your Zoning?

How to connect your Personal Hygiene Management with your Gowning

The above questions can be tackled effectively, if only you know HOW to start and HOW to create a sound plan to address this.

Curious HOW this works?

You already know the WHY and WHAT. The QFS Mastery Program is focused on the HOW. We help you to understand the WHY, WHAT and HOW to change things.

Join our QFS Mastery Program and start learning.

During this QFS Mastery Program we will cover the following topics:

  • The Importance of Personal Hygiene
  • Typical zoning problems and the relationship with transit or movements
  • How to get the right level of gowning everywhere
  • Training and communication for Personal Hygiene
  • Advantages and disadvantages of automation for Personal Hygiene


After following this Module you are able to:

  • Explain to others what the problems are in your Personal Hygiene Management and WHY this doesn’t work
  • Explain to others HOW to improve the Personal Hygiene situation
  • Know what to discuss with management in terms of creating a sense of urgency and convince them with deeper insights
  • Have clarity on HOW you are going to engage everybody to show the right behavior in terms of Personal Hygiene
  • Have a clear route forward to start working on improving the Personal Hygiene situation and management.

You will receive many video lessons, templates, downloads and a certificate.


More Information

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Training on Personal Hygiene Management

All GFSI-guidelines acquire that people are trained. Therefor we all provide a lot of trainings on Personal Hygiene for the Work Force. However, we hardly train our QA staff on HOW to Engage the Work Force. Next to this, often after following a training you learned a lot about WHY it is so important that you take action. On the other hand, most of the courses don’t provide you the information of HOW to improve your system. And that’s exactly the difference of all the courses of Food Safety Experts and all the other courses you can find. We, at Food Safety Experts, focus on the HOW. This will give you a lot of tools to implement and improve your situation.

Check out our training. You will have one year access to the training. This will give you the time to implement what you have learned. You can watch the training as often as you would like to. Next to this, you will receive a certificate that you followed a training on The Biggest Issues in Personal Hygiene Management and HOW to Address These. For more information: The Biggest Issues in Personal Hygiene Management and HOW to Address These

The Biggest Issues With Personal Hygiene and HOW to Address These...


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